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Premium Unscented Aroma Beads

The Premium Aroma Beads stand out as a superior and quality poly bead designed to effectively absorb scented oils and dyes.

Unscented Aroma Beads are small, round plastic poly beads that absorb fragrance oil and dye or color pigments. The Aroma Bead has found a strong niche in the industry over the past few years and is commonly used in autos, home, office, gym and other as an air freshener or freshie. Other uses for the Aroma Beads are for closets, shoes, lockers, storage areas and cabinets. The beads have been used in hobby and craft for filler for stuffed dolls, corn hole bags and other items. When combined with fragrance oils, dyes and/or color pigments, the Aroma Beads will absorb the fragrance and color, producing an amazing product that can be used in organza bags, placed in a bowl as potpourri or baked to produce a unique and personalized car freshie. These items have been used for promotional items, marketing gifts, weddings, showers and as personal use items.

Bulk Aroma Beads may be purchased in 1lb., 3lb., 5lb., 10lb., and 20lb.to suit your needs. Please contact us for larger amounts and custom orders.

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Beads are not a toy. Please keep out of reach from children and pets.