How to make Aroma Beads

How To Make Aroma Beads 


1.  We suggest using a 32 ounce Mason Jar to store and mix your scented beads.  A digital scale is recommended to assure consistency with your fragrance.

2.  Adding Fragrance Oils to your Beads. Not all fragrances are alike, therefore we recommend starting off with 2 oz. fragrance oil for every 8 oz. of Premium Unscented Aroma Beads. Add additional fragrance according to your desired preference.  We use an 8:2 ratio.

3. Add the desired amount of liquid candle dye or colored pigments and fragrance oil and stir them together. Dye and pigments differ between suppliers, therefore start out with a little and add until you get the desired color.  

4. Add the fragrance and dye to your Aroma Beads and secure jar.  Shake jar until color dye and fragrance are spread evenly throughout the jar.  Check jars every 30 minutes to assure fragrance and dye is not pooling up on bottom of jar.  If so, shake jar again to assure the strength of fragrance and color are consistent throughout the jar.

5. Drying times are different between colors and dyes that are used.  Some fragrances may take a few days before they are fully absorbed by the Aroma Beads.  

6.  When all of the fragrance is absorbed by the beads and the Aroma Beads are dry, you can add them to sachet bags or prepare Air Fresheners with cookie jars.  

Aroma Bead Baking Instructions:

1. Preheat your oven to 335°F – 350°F.  

2. Place cookie cutters on a nonstick cookie sheet. We recommend that you use similar size cookie cutters and evenly space them on the cookie sheet.

4. Place a nail (roofing nails work well), head side down, where you want a string hole for your Freshie, if desired.

5. Using a spoon or small funnel, pour the aroma beads around the nail and fill the cookie cutters about ¾ full.  Make sure you level the beads in your cookie cutter with your fingers or with the bottom of a spoon.   

6. Bake the aroma beads for 6-10 minutes. Gas ovens, electric ovens and convection ovens cook differently.  Please test your cooking times and adjust accordingly.  Do not overcook, as this will close the pore space within your freshie and weaken the strength of your fragrance. 

7. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and allow the aroma beads to cool for about five minutes, before removing the cookie cutters from the cookie sheet.

8. After about 10 minutes, while the aroma beads are still warm, pop them out of the cookie cutters, remove the nail if you've used one, and place your freshie to the side to cool.

9. Allow them to completely cool before packaging them or hang them somewhere to add your favorite scent to your car, house, room or office.