Scent Description List


A Thousand Wishes - Soft blend of sparkling champagne, peonies & almond crème.
Almond - A blend of lemon, mimosa petals, red roses, lilac, and cherry on a sweet almond background.
Amaretto - Almond with a kick. Amaretto has the added richness of the famous liquor.
Amber Romance – Just like the popular Victoria's Secret fragrance, a warm blend with slight floral hints of jasmine and violet and an overall hint of woody effect.
Amber Vanilla – A rich and intoxicating fragrance, open with a mélange of vanilla, citrus, and a touch of creamy coconut. The heart notes include rose, heliotrope, coumarone and jasmine. The dry down combines amber, patchouli, vanilla, and musk.
Alpine Cheer - A happy, holiday scent with warm balsam notes combining with spice hints of cinnamon and clove with an undertone of sandalwood and cedarwood.
Amish Harvest - A warm spicy blend with slight buttery notes reminiscent of an autumn harvest celebration.
Angel – A bouquet of citrus and eucalyptus on a gentle bed of muguet, rose, and mimosa complete with notes of amber, cedarwood, and musk.
Angel Wings – A bouquet of citrus and eucalyptus on a gentle bed of rose, and mimosa complete with notes of amber, cedarwood, and musk.
Apple Butter - A pleasantly sweet combination of fresh apples, sugar, and spice.
Apple Cider - Crisp, juicy apples with just a hint of spice. Think of a fall hayride through the orchard.   
Apple Cinnamon – This classic scent comes together with fruity top notes of apple, peach and bergamot blended with cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus all on a bed of fir, balsam, and Tonka Bean.   
Apple Maple Bourbon - A fantastic fall fragrance of crisp apples, rich vanilla and maple infused with bourbon.
Apple Pie - This is juicy apples, sugar-cinnamon and a touch of that warm, buttery crust.
Apple Slices - One of our many Apple fragrances. This one is a rendition of the delicious Red Apple. Juicy, sweet and picked right.
Aspen Winter -Snow covered pine trees and juicy citrus mingle with heady vanilla and spicy cloves.   
Autumn Harvest - The perfect Fall scent! A bouquet of citrus blended with spicy notes of clove, nutmeg, and bay leaf atop a base of lemon zest, Autumn breeze and musk.
Baja Cactus Blossom –Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance! The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun kissed coconut and soft woods.
Balsam & Cedar - A duplicate of the popular Yankee Candle fragrance, this scent has the uplifting aroma of majestic balsam fir supported by notes of lemon and mint, a touch of cedar and other woody aromas.
Banana - The creamy, smooth scent of this sweet tropical fruit.
Banana Nut Bread - The smell of fresh baked bread with notes of ripe banana, orange, and coconut with mid notes of cinnamon, roasted walnuts, and clove leaf atop base notes of sweet dough, vanilla, and Tonka Bean.
Bayberry - A holiday favorite, bayberry is pure Christmas. Deep green notes blended with clean top notes.
Berry Berry – A luscious basket of berries, several different aromas all mixed to achieve a wonderful fragrance.
Berrylicious – A sweet blend of ripe strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
Birthday Cake – A sweet buttery Vanilla Cake covered with creamy frosting.
Black Cherry - The dark, rich aroma of juicy Bing Cherries.
Black Coconut – A rich and creamy coconut fragrance that is warm and inviting with slight notes of cedarwood.
Black Cypress & Cassis – Fresh green notes combined with nuances of cypress and floral notes on a bed of sweet cotton candy, ambergris, and dried tobacco.
Ice Black- Blend of new car smell and musk.
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Sweet vine-ripened raspberries and blackberries blended with a deep rich vanilla.
Blackberry - Plump, juicy berries fresh off the berry bush like the powerful blackberry jam grandma makes.
Blackberry Lemonade – Top notes of sun-ripened blackberry, plum, fresh strawberry and ripe banana with mid notes of tart lemon, red currant and Bartlett pear on a dry base of caramelized sugar, raspberry jam and soft musk.
Blooming Mums –A blend of fresh Autumn flowers and warm woods with undertones of neroli and blooming orange flowers.
Blue Hawaiian - A fantastic blend of pineapples, blueberries, and coconut.
Blue Sugar - Smells like the cologne by Aquiline. Top notes of mandarin, orange, and bergamot sit atop a heart of coriander, patchouli, lavender, licorice, and cotton candy. Base notes of tonka bean, star anise, and cedar.
Blueberry Cobbler - An inviting aroma of baked vanilla and fresh blueberries.
Bluebonnet – A floral blend of peach, bergamot, and white berries with a floral heart of bluebonnet flower, rose, and ylang on a dry bed of clove buds and musk.
Bombshell – A sparkling, fresh fragrance that is a timeless mix of exotic flowers and bright citrus fruit.  
Bowties and Bourbon - Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance! A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long lasting earthy, musky bottom notes.
Butt Naked - A saucy tropical blend of fresh strawberries, coconut, and cherry with mid notes of banana peel, berry nectar and the soft fragrances of tropical flowers on a bed of warm Tonka Bean and sugar.
Butterscotch – Sweet, fruity liquor note with a strong vanilla background reminiscent of sweet caramel and butter.
Calming Waters - Calming Waters fragrance oil is a nice herbal aromatherapy blend of eucalyptus, rainwater accord, orange zest with lavender, sage and thyme. Finishes with cedarwood, amber and pine.
Candy Cane -Delightful blend of crisp peppermint leaves followed by a top note of fresh mint leaves.  
Candy Cane Bliss - A luscious sweet peppermint blended with rich vanilla.
Candy Corn - A great Halloween scent! Just like the chewy sweets.
Cappuccino Brulee - A rich, strong coffee aroma oozing with heavy cream and caramel.
Cappuccino Espresso - A delightful cappuccino scent! A creamy espresso coffeehouse blend with whispers of dark chocolate, honey and maple on a background of rich, warm vanilla.
Cappuccino Hazelnut – The aroma of fresh brewed espresso capped with steamed milk. Hints of roasted hazelnut make this a delightfully convincing scent.
Captain Crunch - A yummy, fruity blend with top notes of fresh bakery and buttercream. Smells like you just need to add milk.
Caramel Apple - The tart crispness of apple layered with the rich creaminess of caramel.
Caramel Nut Crunch - A wonderful aroma of caramel, pecans, and buttered popcorn all swirled into one.
Caramel Pecan Pie – A buttery slice of gooey goodness with scrumptious pecans and creamy caramel.  
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl - This fragrance is a cohesively warm and inviting scent. Sweet, smooth caramel swirls and fresh pumpkin notes intertwine with prominent spice notes. Warm cinnamon and brown sugar blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrance accord.
Caribbean Dream – A sweet fragrance of tropical fruits and berries.
Caribbean Escape - Just like the popular Bath and Body Works fragrance! A tropical blend of coconut, pineapple and lemon with mid notes of melon, rhubarb, and rose on a base of palm tree, vanilla, and sugar.
Carrot Cake - A buttery spicy blend with hints of carrot, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut and vanilla.   
Cashmere - A warm, herbal musky fragrance with a light musk base woven, sandalwood, creamy vanilla and patchouli, with top notes of mandarin and lime to create a sophisticated blend.
Cashmere Glow - The warmth of vanilla and golden peach layered with luxurious, gentle musk!   
Cedarwood Amber - A fresh scent with a sensation of texture, warmth, and sensuality. Top notes of bergamot, lavender, and coriander. Bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.   
Chardonnay - The unmistakable bouquet of a premium white wine is brought to life with notes of pineapple, bergamot, rose, lilies, and musk.
Cherry - A sweeter, lighter version of black cherry, more reminiscent of candy.
Chocolate Brownies – The sweet aroma of fudge brownies enhanced with notes of melted chocolate, hot fudge, and vanilla.
Chocolate Chip Cookies - smells like warm, fresh cookies just pulled from the oven! Rich and buttery with gooey warm chocolate chips.
Christmas Cookies - Mom just pulled another baking sheet out of the oven – can you smell those sugary cookies and the creamy vanilla frosting
Christmas Cottage – Sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and spice perfectly blended with peppermint for a delightful holiday fragrance.
Christmas Pine – A pine tree farm in the middle of a cold winter morning with fresh sap coming out of the bark.
Christmas Splendor – A fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.
Christmas Tree - The holidays come with comforting scents of cypress, fir clippings, & eucalyptus topped with herbal greens & clove resting on a base of decadent woods & sweet vanilla.
Cinnamon Apple – A delightful blend of fresh cinnamon and apples.
Cinnamon Bun - Cinnamon and sugar with a touch of that wonderful, fresh-baked dough aroma and a sweet glaze.
Cinnamon Red Hot – Very strong fragrance that is reminiscent of the heart-shaped candies. A blend of cinnamon stick, cinnamon leaf, and cinnamon spice.
Cinnamon Spice Cake – Yummy spice cake Chocked full of cinnamon and nutmeg and fresh out of the oven.
Cinnamon Stick - The aroma of the classic raw cinnamon stick enhanced with notes of nutmeg and ginger complete with base notes of vanilla and sugar.
Cinnamon Vanilla - A sweet blend of cinnamon and vanilla.
Citrus Splash - A fresh, traditional citrus scent that is bright, clean and refreshing.
Clean Cotton - Fresh Laundry smell, reminiscent of the clean, soothing memory of clean sheets sun dried on a warm summer day.
Cocoa Butter Cashmere - A warm and cozy fragrance with nuances of precious woods invoke feelings of soothing warmth, while the richness of golden amber, light musk and creamy cocoa butter envelope the senses like a cozy blanket!
Coconut - Tropical, nutty, sweetness. Close your eyes and feel the island breeze while you sip that refreshing, sweet coconut milk!
Coconut Hibiscus - Light floral notes of hibiscus, violet, and peony are blended on a base of creamy vanilla and sweet coconut to create this fruit-floral blend.
Coconut Lime Verbena - A harmonious blend of Coconut, Lime and aromatic Verbena.
Coffee - Wake up to this dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance.
Cool Water – A fresh modern citrus top note enhanced by notes of mint, coriander, and lavender with a floral heart of jasmine, geranium, and sandalwood on a bed of crisp air accord, amber, and musk.   
Cotton Candy - Light, sugar-syrup scent that will take you back to those child-hood carnivals.
Country Lemonade - Pucker up to sparkling splashes of this citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon, tangy citron zest, and sweet clementine!
Cranberry - The tart spiciness of cranberries, just like in Grandmas kitchen at the holidays.
Cranberry Peppermint - A duplicate of the popular Yankee type fragrance. Delightful scents of cranberry, peach, and wild berries mixed with peppermint, violet leaves, and clove on a bed of Tonka Bean, vanilla, and musk.
Creamy Vanilla - A rich and creamy blend of coconut and berries with mid notes of soft butter and mimosa all on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean.
Crème Brulee - Rich, decadent caramel, vanilla cream and burnt sugar.
Cucumber Melon - The invigorating scent of cucumber mixed with sweet, juicy melon.
Dear Santa – A sweet blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and peppermint.
Cowboy - A truly amazing fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, and sea salt as well as light floral notes of lavender, jasmine, and amber wood all on a bed of cedarwood and exotic musk.
Dickens Christmas - A fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and juniper notes with a sweet, musky background.
Downy April Fresh –Smells just like the familiar aroma of a fresh, clean load of laundry just pulled from the dryer! Top notes of bergamot and powder accord combined with mid notes of fresh accord, rose, and violet on a bed of sandalwood and precious woods.
Dragon’s Breath - A mysterious blend of amber, incense, and patchouli with a fiery blend of cinnamon and cedar.
Dreamsickle - Orange sherbet and vanilla.
Drunken Punkin –This is a gourmet blend of fresh pumpkin and coconut infused with rich cassia and clove on a base of dark bourbon, maple, and toasted oak.
Dulce Pumpkin - Creamy coconut and white pumpkin are blended together with notes of caramel and tonka bean to create a sweet a sophisticated scent.
Eternity - Top notes of ginger pepper and rain. Middle notes of basil, sage and cedar. Base notes amber, patchouli, redwood and suede.
Fall Festival - A yummy fall fragrance that is reminiscent of hayrides, pumpkin patches, and all things fall.
Falling Leaves – Reminiscent of a walk through the leaves in early fall with notes of cranberry, pumpkin, and spices.
Farmstand Apple - The aroma of apples picked fresh from the orchard with a hint of pear. Inspired by the Bath & Body Works fragrance.
Fireside - A warm, spicy scent with a touch of herbals over woodsy notes.
Flannel - Bergamot, Mahogany and hints of soft musk.
Frankincense-Myrrh - Deep, musky scent with warm overtones of Amber resin and Myrrh beauty.  
Freesia - Floral bouquet of lilac, jasmine, and rose with a background of fern.
French Vanilla - Vanilla, only richer! This is vanilla with a hint of egg custard.
Fresh Baked Apple – A nice aroma of hot apple pie baking in the oven. Just like mom used to make.
Fresh Brewed Coffee – a great blend to compliment the smell of fresh brewed coffee.
Fresh Cotton - The clean, sunny smell of sheets fresh off the clothesline.
Fresh Cut Grass - Slightly sweet; a fresh clean hint of the great outdoors.
Fresh Linen – Will remind you of fresh sheets out of the dryer.
Fresh Squeezed Oranges – a strong orange fragrance similar to cutting and squeezing a fresh orange.  
Frozen Margarita – A classic poolside drink, having a pronounced citrus top-note of lime, orange peel, grapefruit and a twist of lemon, followed by a subtle orange blossom nuance, and a green mint leaf, and woody-spicy base-note.
Fruit Loops – close your eyes and smell one of the greatest kid’s cereal.
Fruit Slices - A fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruit, lemons, and pineapples.
Fudge Brownie - A dark, fudgey chocolate scent. Very rich.
Gardenia – Fresh green floral bouquet of white flowers.
Georgia Peach – The aroma of fresh Georgia peach comes to life with notes of bergamot and lemon blended with white lilies and rose atop a bed of banana peel and musk.
Gingerbread - A fresh baked bread with spice notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla beans.
Grape – A sweet and tart grape fragrance.
Grapefruit- The aroma of fresh grapefruit, orange, and bergamot blended with lemon zest, thyme, and clove.
Grass – Lawn cut on a bright sunny day.
Hansel & Gretel’s House - Hansel and Gretel's house covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins.
Hawaiian Blast –A tropical blend with fruity notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry combined with light floral nuances of melon, Parma violet, and clove all on a bed of breeze accord and driftwood.
Hawaiian Island -Tropical blend of sliced peaches, slivered coconut, orange, raspberries and pineapples combine with Hawaiian flowers on a base of sandalwood and vanilla musk.
Holliday Berries - Think clean greens with a touch of spice.
Hollyberry – A fruity blend of oranges, apples, and hollyberry atop a spicy bouquet of cinnamon, clove, and ginger sweetened by soft vanilla.
Home for the Holidays - A duplication of the popular Yankee Candle* fragrance, this scent features fresh spruce boughs wrapped in cinnamon and clove with a touch of winter citrus and fir balsam.
Home Sweet Home - A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with subtle hints of floral rose.
Honeydew Melon - This pale green melon has a fresh, breezy sweetness.
Honeysuckle - Fresh spring floral - A true fresh honeysuckle growing wild on the tree. Succulent and sweet.
Hot Apple Cider – The scent of fresh made apple cider with a hint of spice.
Hot Apple Pie - A nice aroma of hot apple pie baking in the oven. Just like mom used to make.
Iced Pineapple & Tangerine – Crisp chilled pineapple chunks with the zest of ripe tangerines.
Icicles - Perfect refreshing and unique fragrance! Top notes of ozone and cypress with mid notes of jasmine and spice on a base of cedar, sugar, and moss.
Jack Frost -A crisp winter fragrance that smells very similar to a candy cane with a bit of an edge and hints of vanilla.
Jamaica Me Crazy - This fruity scent begins with ripe pineapple, orange, and apple. Middle notes of succulent melon and creamy coconut. Ending with a touch of jasmine, and vanilla rum
Jasmine - A heavy white floral that’s not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious.  
Jasmine & Green Apple - Just like the popular Bath and Body Works fragrance! Crisp green apple & pineapple swirled with notes of jasmine and lily finishing off with rich notes of ambergris, musk, and amber. This fragrance attempts to imitate that sold by Bath and Body Works.
Key Lime - Refreshing and zesty key lime citrus.
Labyrinth - A musky, manly scent...a definite male aroma....not unlike the maze that its name implies.   
Lavender - Refined yet simple, with an unmistakable, powerful fragrance all its own.
Leather - This warm, musky fragrance evokes the luxury of fine leather, a subtle blend of earthiness and elegance.
Leather and Lace - The perfect mix of feminine and strong. Soft leather with vanilla.
Lemon - Fresh lemons, sunny and tart, bursting with citrusy zing!
Lemon Drop - It's very lemon and very sweet.
Lemon Pound Cake - A buttery yellow sponge cake with hints of lemon and coconut flavoring. Topped off with buttercream frosting.
Lick Me All Over – A blend of raspberry and pineapple blended with an exotic blend of florals.
Lilac - The fresh smell of lilacs in full bloom.
Love Spell - Sweet citrus bouquet enhanced by hints of peaches and berries on a background of musk. Inspired by Victoria's Secret scent.
Mahogany Teakwood – A fine wood fragrance combination of mahogany, cedarwood and oak with top notes of fresh lavender and geranium.
Margaritaville – Smells just like the famous mixed drink - a festive blend of tart lemon and sweet green lime with mellow tequila notes.
Marshmallow Fireside – Warm, toasted marshmallows blended together with smoldering woods and rich vanilla cream.
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte – A decadent creamy pumpkin latte covered with melting marshmallows and dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon.
Mistletoe - A holiday pine scent with top notes of berries and sweet apples followed with crisp pine needles on a base of light clove and soothing woods.
Monkey Farts - A unique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla.
Moose Munch – Warm, buttery top notes with cinnamon spice on a base of creamy, sweet vanilla. Makes your mouth water!
Mrs. Claus - Fabulous aroma of musk, floral, and citrus blended with peppermint.
Mulberry - A mild, earthy berry fragrance. Not as strong as other berries, this one is mellow.
Nag Champa - The aroma of incense - patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood blended together for this unique fragrance.
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - Soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond. A comforting, popular scent.
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – An authentic smell of fresh oatmeal raisin cookies with a soft touch of ginger and nutmeg and just a hint of vanilla extract.
Ocean Waves - The clean scent of rain on the seashore.
Orange - Sweet juicy oranges, powerful and invigorating.
Orange Sherbet - A cool, crisp orange aroma with a subtle hint of cream and an icy top note!
Orange Vanilla - A yummy blend of creamy vanilla bean and citrusy orange.
Passion Fruit - Appealing, guava-like scent, but a bit more tart, with a light floral top note.
Peach Magnolia - The perfect blend of peach nectar and magnolia bloom work in harmony to create to a well-rounded fruity/floral fragrance. Peach nectar is surrounded with a bouquet of freshly picked spring flowers on a light base of soothing woody notes.
Pear Berry- Fresh fruity fragrant blend of pear and berry with a Hint of a floral base.
Peony – The perfect blend of peach nectar and magnolia bloom work in harmony to create to a well- rounded fruity/floral fragrance. Peach nectar is surrounded with a bouquet of freshly picked spring
flowers on a light base of soothing woody notes.
Peppermint Mocha – Sweet peppermint perfectly blended with mocha for a warm, rich aroma.   
Peppermint Twist – An invigorating, cool, and sweet peppermint and vanilla blend.
Perfect Autumn Day - A wonderful duplication of the popular Bath and Body Works scent with a blend of bergamot, clove leaf, and citrus, followed by allspice, weathered amber and oak and completed with nutmeg, cinnamon bark, and cedar. Reminiscent of those fresh autumn days!
Pina Colada - Coconuts and Pineapple.
Pineapple - sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple.
Pineapple Paradise – The tropical fresh scent of sweet pineapples with light vanilla notes.
Pine Forest - A perfect pine tree scent.
Pink Chiffon - Soft Pink Petals & Vanilla Chiffon Icing. Top notes of pear, peach, mid notes jasmine and apple blossom. Dry notes coconut milk, vanilla orchid and creamy sandalwood.
Pink Grapefruit - Tangy grapefruit without the bitterness. Pink grapefruit is a touch sweeter, but still retains that sour zest.
Pink Sangria – A thirst quenching fragrance complete with Spanish sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple slices garnished with a sweet Maraschino cherry on top.
Pink Sugar - A playful blend of sweet vanilla and caramel with an enticing medley of bergamot, orange, and raspberry with notes of fragrant lily of the valley and soft musk.
Pomegranate - Sweet exotic fruit, fresh and enticing with a slight hint of floral.
Pomegranate Cider – The smell of warm spiced cider blended with rich pomegranate.
Pumpkin Apple Butter – A pleasantly sweet combination of fresh apples and sugar blended with just the right amount of pumpkin and spice.
Pumpkin Caramel Delight – Warm buttery streusel and toasted almond surround a spicy blend of pumpkin, caramel and maple on a bed of vanilla bakery crust.
Pumpkin Cupcake - An inviting bakery blend of spiced pumpkin, cake, and rich buttercream frosting.  
Pumpkin Pie Spice - Pumpkin, holiday spices and that toasty, fresh-baked crust.
Pumpkin Souffle – A wonderful blend of thick, rich pumpkin pie blended with super sweet and creamy vanilla.
Pumpkin Spice – This holiday favorite comes to life with the scent of fresh pumpkin and hops with a spicy blend of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon atop a bed of sweet vanilla, warm Tonka Bean, and sugar.   
Pumpkin Spice Latte - A hot cup of black coffee flavored with creamy butter, clove buds and cinnamon sticks. Coconut and vanilla syrup sweeten this delicate blend.
Red Hot Cinnamon - Cinnamon on fire.
Rocky Mountain Memories – Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and Northern Pine with hints of tart cranberries and warm cinnamon.
Rugged Man – The essence of wood, musk, and leather...a great masculine scent.
Salted Butterscotch – The goodness of sweet, creamy, delicious butterscotch with a pinch of sea salt.  
Salted Caramel – The rich, indulgent scent of salted caramel created with a combination of sweet coconut, caramelized sugar and silky caramel vanilla. Inspired by Yankee Candle type fragrance.  
Shimmering Snowflakes – The crisp inviting fragrance of peppermint and sweet vanilla.
Smell of Christmas – A warm fragrance with notes of cinnamon and spices.
Snow Fairies - A beautiful candy-sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry that reminds us of an elevated bubble gum type scent.
Snuggle - A clean, comforting fragrance that smells similar to the cuddly bear fabric softener.  
Spearmint - A sharp, clean burst of mint to awaken the senses.
Spooky Punch - Orange and mulled fruit are blended together with oak and patchouli on a base of sugared berries to create this delightfully spooky scent.
Spiced Pumpkin - The scent of pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, sweetened with brown sugar.
Strawberries & Cream - Strawberries mixed with delicious sweet cream.
Strawberry - Sweet, refreshing summertime favorite. A juicy, fruity scent that’s not too sweet.    
Strawberry Lemonade - A tart lemonade blended with sweet strawberries.
Strawberry Cream - Those tart, juicy strawberries you remember straight from the berry patch, drenched in the soothing, milky richness of cream to soften them.
Sugar Cookie - Sugary, warm vanilla fragrance of cookies fresh from the oven. Just a hint of spice.  
Summer Breeze – The sweet fragrance of melons and berries in the early morning breeze.  
Summer Creamsickle - Orange, vanilla, powdered sugar. Yum!
Sunflower - Bright, sunny and soft. The scent of golden sunflowers, and quite vibrant.
Sweet Pea - Delicate scent of sweet peas along the garden fence. Very feminine and old-fashioned, with a peachy undertone.
Sweet Snow - The soft scent of mint on a bed of sweet vanilla.
The Perfect Man – top notes are clean, citrusy and fresh with middle notes of fruity and floral. Base notes are earthy, mossy and woody.
Toasted Marshmallow - Sweet-toasty aroma of hot marshmallow over the campfire.
Tropical Fruit – A fresh citrus accent adds sweetness to this tropical delight. Lush fruity tones of sliced pineapple and ripe guava are surrounded by a medley of exotic greens to create island appeal. Clear musk underscores the fruit blend, as touches of acai berry finish to tropical blend.
Tropical Paradise - the inviting aroma of creamy coconut blended with tropical fruits that will whisk you away.
Vanilla - Sweet, creamy pure vanilla. Very rich and potent with a buttery top note!
Vanilla Bean – Reminiscent of a classic sophisticated vanilla liqueur with a bit of spice.
Vanilla Buttercream – A rich, creamy vanilla bean churned with butter and sugar.
Vanilla Cotton – An inviting aura of twilight skies infused with bergamot and orange. This southern cotton flower is blended with rose, cotton flower, and muguet in a blanket of Tonka Bean, vanilla, and musk.
Vanilla Pound Cake – Vanilla cake made from all things sweet-sugar, vanilla.
Vanilla Pumpkin Pie – Fresh orange and a hint of almond sweeten the creamy custard signature of this luscious scent. Spiced caramel blends with sweet vanilla musk to surround the creation with nostalgic undertones.
Very Vanilla - A very warm and rich, buttery vanilla fragrance with a slight touch of cream.
Volcano - Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with exotic mountain greens.  
Warm Cinnamon Bun – Just the right amount of sweet icing and cinnamon rolled into a buttery pastry.  
Warm Gingerbread – Ginger and spice - and everything nice! Fresh from the oven scent that's perfect for those chilly autumn days.
Welcome Home - This fragrance is almost indescribable. A warm feeling of coming home to a house filled with aromas of cinnamon leaf, jasmine, agave nectar, fig, and french lavender with a rich base of cypress, cassia root and golden sandalwood.
Watermelon Lemonade – The wonderful aroma of fresh squeezed lemonade with a twist of watermelon.
White Linen – A pure and airy fragrance reminiscent of clean cotton blowing in the breeze.
White Nectarine and Pink Coral – The luscious fruitiness of sweet nectarine, bergamot, and orange blended with enchanting floral notes of pink coral, gardenia, and violet petals on a dry down of soft, soothing musk.
Wild Cherry – Strong fruity notes of orange, bergamot, and wild cherry with mid notes of peach nectar, banana peel, and cherry blossom on a dry base of clove buds and vanilla.
Winter Splendor - A spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and fresh cut pine.